8th Grade


Mr. DeMarco - World History - Link to:  Mr. DeMarco - World History
Mrs. Marrero - Spanish - Link to:  Senora Marrero - Spanish

Mrs. Rossi - ELA - Link to:  Mrs. Rossi - ELA
Mr. Topolewski - Math/Algebra - Link to:  Mr. Topo - Math/Algebra
Mrs. Pare - Science - Link to: Mrs. Pare - Science
Mrs. Carey
 - Tutorial - Link to:  Mrs. Carey - Tutorial

8th Grade Supply List - 19-20 School Year

Welcome to the 8th grade! We hope you have an enjoyable summer, and return to school in September rested and ready to learn. These are the supplies that are needed for each subject.

History- Mr. DeMarco



1½" binder (3 ring)

College ruled binder paper

Binder dividers (5)

3 x 5" index cards- lined

English Language Arts- Mrs. Rossi



1½" binder (3 ring)

(1) 3 ring 2 pocket folder

Binder dividers (9)

College ruled binder paper

Composition notebook


Sticky notes

Spanish-  Señora Marrero



Colored pencils

Folder (2)

(1) 3 ring binder with two dividers or a 2 subject notebook with pockets for hand-outs 

(1) Expo marker

Science- Mrs. Pare

(1) Purple binder (1/2" or 1" max)

purple two pocket folder (vinyl or plastic)

loose leaf filler paper or purple notebook with perforated paper

pencil pouch (sharpened pencils, glue sticks, highlighters, etc...)

dividers (10)

Algebra/ Pre-Algebra- Mr. Topolewski

 Pencils & Pencil Case

Dry Erase Markers

Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS calculator  (Walmart) (Amazon)

Graph Paper Notebook (not loose leaf)  (Walmart) (Amazon)

1.5" Three Ring Binder