7th Grade


Mr. Pageau
 - Ancient Civ - Link to:   Mr. Pageau - Ancient Civ

Mrs. Padilla - Science - Link to:  Mrs. Padilla Science

Mrs. Rondinone - Math - Link to:  Mrs. Rondinone Math

Ms. Morris - Spanish - Link to:  Ms. Morris - Spanish

Mrs. Carey - Tutorial - Link to:  Mrs. Carey - Tutorial

Mrs. Kelley - ELA - Link to:  Mrs. Kelley ELA

7th Grade Backpack List - 19-20 SCHOOL YEAR

Welcome to 7th Grade!  We hope you enjoy a wonderful summer and return to Chocksett late August - well rested and ready for a great year.  The following supplies will be your 7th grade essentials for next year. We hope this helps you plan ahead!

Language Arts

* one marble composition notebook

*one (2") 3-ring binder, with filler paper & 5 dividers

* Post it notes

*3 X 5 Index Cards

*highlighters (yellow & blue)


* one (1 1/2") 3 ring binder

* one marble composition notebook 

*Inexpensive ear buds (to be left in classroom for use when doing online assignments).


* one (5 subject) spiral notebook

* one 2 pocket folder (separate from notebook)

* dry erase markers (multi color - 4 pack)

* pencils

* donations of dry erase markers for classroom use are welcome


* one (1 subject) spiral notebook w/2 pockets, 100 pages, preferably wire bound with plastic cover.

1 1/2" or 2" 3 ring binder

* one 2 pocket folder (separate from notebook)
* thin black sharpies


* one spiral notebook

* one composition notebook

* one plastic 2 pocket folder
Please color code your Spanish materials - choice of color does not matter.

GENERAL SUPPLIES:  It is helpful for students to travel to classes with a "pencil pouch" containing:

* pens/pencils

* glue sticks

* hand held pencil sharpener

* colored pencils or pens

* highlighter

* thin dry erase markers
* inexpensive ear buds

We would welcome homeroom donations of:

* tissues

* paper towels

* disinfectant wipes

* glue sticks

Looking forward to a wonderful 7th grade year!

Team 7